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“Worth praise is movement director Emily Orme for a well choreographed sequence" - The Independent 

Emily is a Movement Director for stage and screen based across Bristol and London. Coming from a background in dance, she has always found freedom in physical expression and is grateful her passion for moving and grooving is still a part of her daily life. She works with a director to physically realise and translate their creative vision. When working with a text – script or music – Emily establishes a physical language for the performers that reflects and enriches the world of a production. ​


​As well as choreographing movement sequences, Emily specialises in using natural human physicality to explore human behaviour and is fascinated by the depth and personality naturalistic body-language holds. She is inspired by creating sensory engagement for an audience to stretch their imagination; they are absorbed into a new world that they not only see and hear, but also feel through the relatability of body language, energy of movement, and the journey of the world being portrayed. 


​Emily is actively committed to creating an inclusive, accessible, and playful process that builds a truly collaborative ensemble. She is inspired by being part of a collaboration and discovering the stories of others. Her ultimate goal is to use movement to unite people and celebrate each individual body.

Emily is interested to...


  • Continue working on performances that present real life stories and new writing that wider audiences can relate to and be inspired by.


  • Within the medium of film look at ways the body can be expressed over screen from different perspectives to communicate with the viewer.

  • Continue working on projects that unify communities and professional artists to form shared performances.

“It is revealed in the absorbing cast movements that hail our senses as loudly as the words" -The Reviews Hub ****

“The production is heavily based in movement work, skilfully choreographed by Emily Orme, echoing the thrilling style of Owen Sheers’ Pink Mist" - A YoungTheatre

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