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House Party is a show collaboratively devised for an interactive zoom performance during the Covid 2019 lockdown. As movement director I worked with writer Lauren Waugh, director Becky Lennon and six brilliant cast members as we collectively developed the narrative journey to communicate over zoom.


Together we found ways to create connections between characters and reflect their individual physical personalities over the live visual medium of screen. The audience attended a college house party in which they danced, drank and became intertwined in the party gossip, meaning by the end of the night they had a decision to make that would affect the fate of the show. 

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Rachel Cooke

Miles Warburton

Jaydon Merrick

Kiren Kebaili-Dwywe

Tess Goldwyn

Ella Faye

DIRECTOR Becky Lennon

WRITER Lauren Waugh

STAGE MANAGER Jack Freestone

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LIVE ON ZOOM 8th August 2020

ILLUSTRATION BY @drawingmadeleine

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